1) Amazingly awesome

“Attorney Munley went above and beyond to provide the best possible defense for my case. He personally returned each and every call that I made to him and kept me informed every step of the way. He has a very calming voice and is extremely knowledgeable. Attorney Munley told me exactly what was going to happen and that’s exactly how my case went. He was up front with me. He is fair and very reasonably priced! I would highly recommend Attorney Munley. I felt like I was his priority every time I called his office or spoke with him!!! Thank you, Attorney Munley, for going above and beyond and making me feel at ease during this very stressful time. Thank you for making me feel like I was a priority!!” -Sharon


2) Highly Recommend

“My son’s DUI case was complicated because it was his 2nd, and his 1st was still ongoing in a different county. There were a lot of things to work out in regards to the timing of both cases. Bob was wonderful in dealing with this and helped to make things seem less stressful. He was thoughtful, knowledgeable and communicated every step of the way. My son’s case turned out the very best way possible given his circumstances, and we are sincerely grateful for all that Bob did to make this possible. Thank you for everything, Bob.” -Karen


3) Very Happy with outcome

“After receiving a call that charges were pending my wife and I researched attorney, being a Saturday morning we were not confident we would find one. We left a message with Bob’s service and he contacted us later that day. No other attorney that we contacted ever called us back. Interesting since once charges were officially filed I received and avalanche of solicitations.

After indicating that he was familiar with this type of case and ensuring me of a positive outcome he indicated we should meet in person. The meeting in person was very helpful and productive and put my mind at ease that we had a good strategy and a good path to a successful outcome.
During the process of waiting I periodically asked Bob to check on paper work and to see I there was anything else we could do to speed this along he was always responsive and respectful to my concern. Bob went above and beyond to ensure that during my absence out of the country paperwork with the court had not been filed for court appearance etc. I greatly appreciated this.

Thing went exactly how Bob said they would until the end when the charges were dismissed and the outcomes was even better than I expected.

Bottom line but is an excellent attorney because he cares, knows the law and is responsive to his client and has the clients best interest at heart.” -Frank


4) Best Attorney in Monroe county

“Words cannot express what Bob has done for me and my family. Calls and questions are always answered promptly and never rushed off the phone. He has given me my life back” -Dennis


5) Always on your side

“I got a second DUI and was absolutely terrified. I immediately started looking for a lawyer and shopped around on google, I called a few places and went in for a consultation with one. This other lawyer tried to make me panic to impulsively go with him. I went home in tears, completely distressed.

I found Attorney Bob Munley and he was, from the first call, completely a different style of lawyer. He told me not to worry. He always seemed to be on my side and was never accusatory or made me feel like a bad person — he was just there to help. Bob’s fees were less than other lawyers I called. He called me personally before each court date to make sure I was prepared and keep me informed. I received emails and written correspondence as well.

My experience was amazing. I really don’t think I could have made it through this horrible ordeal without Attorney Bob Munley’s help and expertise. My sentence was even reduced! I would 100% recommend. He went above and beyond.”



6) Whoever said lawyers are bad guys, never met Bob Munley!

“This is not the first time Bob has literally saved our family. He has been there for us for since we know him, having lived across the street for many years. He is compassionate, understanding, and a hero to us. Bob has been a lifesaver for the problems we have undergone with our grandson. I thank God for the help he has given us.” -Joan


7) Deeply Thankful!

“We came to Bob for a consultation and because he was up front, honest and to the point on what was going to happen in my husbands case, we decided to hire him as our lawyer. Grateful that we did. Bob did an outstanding job. Bob did exactly what he told us. Whatever he recommended my husband do we did and everything went as planned. He stay in contact with us and updated us as needed every step of the way. With the first time needing a lawyer we are very pleased with the outcome and very satisfied with Bobs work. Thank you Bob so much, words can’t even describe how thankful our family is for your time and dedication you gave to my husbands case. Thank you again Bob!” -Melissa


8) Robert Munley for the Win

“Robert was excellent in aiding me from getting a bail company to my final outcome in front of the judge. He was in constant contact with me over time from my bail release day to the day of sentencing – which was an excellent outcome that we had agreed a upon from day one. He helped me though many tough times personally as well as legally and steered me and the case in the right direction. If you are in the Scranton or Poconos area I highly recommend Robert he is very knowledgeable of the laws and has the ways and means. What more can I say? THANKS for all you hard work on my case.” -Anonymous


9) Very helpful and on top of things

“I got myself into trouble just before applying for law school and Attorney Munley was able to put my mind at ease, was very informative of the process I was to go through, and responded to my calls and emails very promptly. I highly recommend Attorney Munley!!” -Anonymous


10) Excellent Experience

“I hired Bob to defend me in a DUI case. This was my first time dealing with the legal system and Bob explained everything in terms I would understand which helped calm my anxiety in dealing with an unfamiliar situation. I couldn’t have asked for a better attorney in terms of case outcome and communication while he handled my case. He was excellent.” -Anonymous


11)Criminal defense of gun charge

“I was stopped and arrested under a crime I was unaware of. I was charged with Fire Ownership-Providing false information graded a Felony of the Third Degree and Making False Statement under penalty graded as a Misdemeanor of the Third Degree. Under the suggestion of I judge I seeked legal council. I searched the net over and found 50 attorney which lead Mr. Munley. I read over 100 of his reviews and choose him as my attorney. I called him office and Mr. Munley returned my call with an hour. I not only did he gave me consultation over the phone but ease my anxiety. We set appointment to further the consultation in person to review missing details. He gave me his professional experience with cases a mine. He even suggested to seek a speciliazed immigration defense attorney to see how pleading to misdeanor charge would affect my immigrational statues. I followed all his suggestion. We did a three way consultation with specialized attorney to see how to proceed before appearing to court. Based on all the information he strategically deviced a defense. In the end all charges where withdraw and I ended up pleading to lesser misdeanor charge which ended up just being a small fine and $34 court fee. He was a true blessing that worked dilingetly and professionally for me. He was compassionate, with the will to go above and beyond for his clients. I will highly recommend him to anybody. There should be more attorneys like him” -Jose


12) Best Lawyer Ever!!

I do not have enough space to tell you how amazing this attorney is!! He has helped me a few times with different types of cases one a DUI and one just recent- a criminal case, which he saved my life!! I was charged with a Felony 3 charge, and he got it all the way down to a misdemeanor charge and saved my life not only from some small jail time or a long house arrest but see my Father is dying of Cancer he does not have much longer to go and lives in another State and if My Munley did not get it down to this Class Misdemeanor he got it down to, I would be either on house arrest or doing a short jail sentence, which would mean no traveling for me, but he got it me 6 months probation, now I can travel to see my Father in his last months of living. I’am a good person who got into a very dumb situation & Mr Munley always treated me with such compassion not like a criminal, he treats you with such kindness and he truly cares for all his clients. Mr Munley is not only my attorney but I now consider him my friend. All of his clients are important to him and he goes far and beyond to help you any way he can. He even called me to check in with me after the sentencing to see how I was doing. I highly recommend Mr. Munley to anyone in need of the best attorney out there! Also his staff is amazing and sweet, when you call for him you will get a call back from him right away. He truly is my savior and I owe him my life he gave me time back with my Dad I never would of forgave myself for my stupid mistake and not being able to travel to see my Dad in his last months, so I have Mr. Munley to thank for the time I have now with my Dad and my Family. You will not find a better attorney ever! Thank You Again Mr. Munley 🙂 -Anonymous